What's That Scary Sound Coming From the Furnace?

Upclose image of a child's blue eyes looking surprised

Halloween in Harford County is so much fun. We love seeing all the kids dressed up in fun and spooky costumes, and all the creepy ghosts and goblins on neighborhood lawns. But what’s not fun this time of year is hearing scary sounds when you start to use your furnace. Furnace noises can indicate big problems, or they can indicate little problems that will turn into bigger problems without proper attention. If you hear any of these scary furnace sounds, call One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning!


When your furnace first tries to come on, dirt on the burners can delay them from igniting. This causes an excess of gas to build up, and when the gas finally ignites the burners, it will make a loud bang. These little explosions could gradually crack the heat exchanger, which is dangerous because it can allow carbon monoxide to leak out. It’s also an expensive repair, so you’ll want to get this fixed quickly. Of course, if you’ve already had your furnace maintenance appointment, we’ve already cleaned your burners so that delayed ignition isn’t as likely to happen.


This can sound really scary, and it also indicates a potentially scary furnace problem. The blower  the wheel could have came loose from the motor shaft and is hitting the blower casing, or the wheel could be completely broken. Call us right away if you hear this furnace noise.


There are several different problems that could be causing this sound, and all of these issues could cause your furnace to break down.

  • A blower belt could be loose, slipping, or frayed.
  • Shaft bearings need lubrication.
  • A blower motor could be malfunctioning.

Your Brave Harford County HVAC Company is Happy to Tackle Scary Furnace Sounds

We’ve been working on furnaces long enough to know what most furnace noises mean. Just give us a call and we’ll diagnose and fix the problem so your furnace works well throughout fall and winter.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween — from all of us at One Hour in Aberdeen!