3 HVAC Gifts to Warm Your Family

woman in christmas hat holding a red present If you can’t figure out what to get your loved ones for Christmas, consider something that will help keep them comfortable this winter and for years to come. Improvements to your HVAC system are never a bad idea!

A Smart Thermostat

With kids in sports and your crazy work schedules, it’ s hard to remember to turn the thermostat down when you leave the house. A smart thermostat allows you to program your desired daytime and nighttime temperatures, and make any changes you need to from your phone if you’ll be away longer than expected.  And instead of spending money on high energy bills, you’ll have money left at the end of the month for dinner and a movie with the family!

Zoned Heating

Even if you sprung a lot of money to finish your basement or rec room, it’s no fun to spend time in a room that’s always cold. A zoned heating system will let you choose areas of the home that need to be heated only at certain times, so you can turn the heat on in the rec room when you’re all going to watch a movie together. With a zoning system, you can also make certain rooms cooler in the summer!

Better Indoor Air Quality

If anyone in your home suffers from allergies, the best gift you can give is better breathing! Our knowledgeable HVAC technicians can install air purifiers, clean your ducts, and tell you about other ways to improve your indoor air quality to help your family live more comfortably.

Call One Hour Air Conditioning to Ask About

As a trusted Harford County HVAC company, we’re always happy to answer questions about heating and cooling. We’d love to help you choose a holiday gift that will make your loved ones happy for years to come, so just give us a call!