4 Ways to Prevent Holiday Furnace Problems

woman catching snow flakes As beautiful as it is this time of year in Harford County, you may be too busy to notice as you’re scrambling to get the house ready for hosting family and friends. While you’re in preparation mode, remember that yummy recipes and festive decorations aren’t as important as your guests’ comfort and safety. Follow these tips now so you can enjoy the rest of the holiday season!

Check or Change Your Furnace Filter

A dirty furnace filter makes your furnace work harder to keep everyone warm, which means higher heating bills for you (and who needs to spend even more money than they have to during the holidays?). And a dirty filter can also cause breathing problems for those who have allergies, since the filter can’t trip all the dust and other tiny particles floating through the air. A clean filter will make everyone comfy and cozy, so if you haven’t changed yours in the last month or so, do it now before guests arrive. 

Dust and Vacuum Frequently

When you pulled decorations out of storage and moved furniture around, you probably saw dust flying. Dust can lead to problems for your HVAC system and spread into the ductwork, so a thorough cleaning job is very important for comfortable breathing AND for your heating system. So grab an old towel and dust all your hard furniture surfaces as well as the air vents — this is where dust likes to gather and then settle back into your home. Also vacuum your carpet to keep dust that has settled there from getting kicked up into the air.

Remove Flammable Items Near Your Furnace

Blankets, presents, decorations and any other things that can be a fire hazard should not be anywhere near your furnace. This is especially important when small children or pets will be running around the house.

Prevent Your Furnace from Quitting

It would be a disaster if you have a house full of family and the heat stops working! If you haven’t scheduled your furnace tune-up with our HVAC specialists at One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning, call us right away. Regular maintenance on your HVAC system ensures every component is working properly so everyone stays warm this season. It also allows us to check for leaks that could lead to carbon monoxide issues. So make sure to have us check your furnace before guests arrive!

Enjoy your decorating and all the fun things going on to kick off the holidays in Harford County!