Have You Joined Our Comfort Club?

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With Harford County temps in the 90s this past week, you already know how important it is to have an efficient, working AC in the heat of summer so your household can stay comfortable. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about what would happen if your air conditioning quits in the next few weeks, or what would happen if your furnace quits in the dead of winter?

By joining our Comfort Club, you’ll be able to rest peacefully knowing your family will never be left too hot or too cold.

What are the perks of a Comfort Club Membership?

  1. Multi-point check twice a year.
    We’ll professionally clean, inspect and rejuvenate your entire system to peak efficiency, which will cut down on your energy bills, extend the life of your  HVAC system and give you peace of mind your system won’t break down any time soon. 
  2. Priority VIP service.
    If you do experience a problem with your AC or furnace, you’ll be moved to the top of our list! Knowing you don’t have to wait for service is a huge perk!
  3. Savings on future repairs.
    Comfort Club members pay up to 30% lower for repairs than non-Comfort Club members.
  4. Big discounts when it’s time to replace your HVAC system.
    When your HVAC system has reached the end of its life, you can take advantage of big discounts on heating and air conditioning equipment. 

How do I become a member of the Comfort Club?

Call us to schedule a maintenance appointment, and once your first maintenance check is complete, we’ll know the make and model of your equipment, how old it is, and how it works. You’ll then pay just $15.95 per month* to become a Comfort Club member and can end your membership at any time. Any time you have a problem, you’ll have access to call (443) 234-9058 to get in on the front-of-the-line service that Comfort Club members receive.

*Per System / 12 Month Minimum Commitment; *oil systems $21.95 per month

Call today to start enjoying the benefits of Comfort Club Membership at One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning!