3 Reasons to Schedule a Spring HVAC Maintenance Appointment

yellow spring flower emerging from snowAlthough temperatures are still in the 20’s this week in Bel Air, spring is just a couple weeks away. It won’t be long until warm weather sets in and you’ll need to turn on your air conditioner, so make sure to schedule an air conditioning maintenance appointment to enjoy the following perks!

Why You Should Schedule an Air Conditioning Maintenance Visit

By having a One Hour technician clean and inspect your HVAC system, you’ll get:

Reduced Allergens

An air filter’s job is to trap pollen, mold, and other allergens that give you a stuffy nose and itchy eyes all spring. Your filter worked hard throughout the winter and is probably clogged with debris, so a spring maintenance appointment is a great time to have your filter replaced. A One Hour technician can even suggest a HEPA filter which traps the tiniest particles to help allergy sufferers.

During an AC maintenance visit, we will also clean coils and the air handling unit. This is important to do before you run your AC since any dust, mold or mildew that has grown on or in the system may cause breathing problems.

Lower Energy Bills

Did you know dust and dirt buildup on your AC can raise cooling costs by 30%, and that leaky ducts and low refrigerant can escalate your energy bills by 20%? A seasonal maintenance visit is a small price to pay in return for the savings you’ll enjoy with a more efficient air conditioner.

Peace of Mind

It will be a big relief to know your AC isn’t going to quit in the heat of a Harford County summer. Instead of worrying about your HVAC system, you’ll be able to enjoy hosting barbecue dinners and kids’ sleepovers with the peace of mind that your family and guests will stay cool in your home!

Call One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning in Aberdeen to Schedule Your Spring HVAC Maintenance Appointment!

Don’t enter the best part of the year in Harford County with nasty indoor allergies and a hot, musty home. During a spring maintenance visit, we’ll clean your AC and its components, inspect your ducts, and make sure everything’s working as it should so you can enjoy a more efficient HVAC system all spring and summer!