3 Reasons to Hire One Hour HVAC for Maintenance

woman at desk on the phone According to the Department of Energy, annual maintenance of your air conditioning system can improve its efficiency and prolong its life. Since the only AC maintenance a homeowner should do is replace the air filter, it’s important to hire a trusted HVAC professional in Harford County to do the rest. Here’s why you should call us to maintain your cooling system. 

  1. To clean your system. Over time, your air conditioner’s evaporator coil and condenser coil collect dirt, which reduces airflow and insulates the coils so they can’t absorb heat as well. Outdoor condenser coils also become very dirty.  A professional technician at One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning cleans these coils during regular maintenance visits so they absorb heat better and operate more efficiently — which can really help reduce energy bills.
  2. To check your system’s components. Your air conditioner has various components including motors, wheels, start assist devices and the compressor. Each of these components have to be working for the system to operate as it should, so they all need to be regularly checked to ensure they are running at the proper voltage and within the proper electrical range. During an air conditioning maintenance visit, we check your entire system and let you know if anything is broken or should be replaced. 
  3. To enjoy peace of mind all spring and summer. When we leave your home after cleaning and checking your system, you’ll know that your home will stay comfortable throughout the warmest months of the year. You won’t have to worry about sky high energy bills caused by dirt and debris, and you won’t have to wake up sweating in the middle of the night because of a failed compressor. You’ll just enjoy a cool, comfortable home all season!

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Ready to enjoy peace of mind as temperatures start to rise? Call us to set up a convenient time when we can check your system! Make sure to mention your $49 coupon!