3 Warning Signs of a Failing Furnace

woman with hand on chin and a thinking expression With temperatures dipping into the 50’s in Harford County at night, it won’t be long until you turn your furnace on for the first time. If you haven’t already scheduled your fall maintenance appointment with a One Hour technician, you may hear or notice some strange things going on with your furnace when you use it for the first month or so this season. Instead of waiting until your family wakes up freezing in the middle of the night, you should know which signs indicate that your furnace is about to quit.

You Hear Weird or Loud Furnace Noises

If you hear any of the following sounds when the furnace kicks on or goes off, call One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Aberdeen right away.

Screeching and rattling usually means the bearings in the blower motor or the blower motor itself needs lubrication. Without the proper amount, the fan can stop  all together.  

Squealing often indicates trouble with the blower belt or shaft bearings. Your blower belt may need to be adjusted or replaced, or the shaft bearings may need lubrication.

Scraping sounds, like metal against metal, mean you should turn off the furnace right away because the blower wheel could be coming disconnected from the shaft, or the motor could be breaking away from its mount. Both of these can cause serious damage to your system, so call your trusted HVAC company in Aberdeen right away.

Your Furnace Just Keeps Running (and No One is Warm Enough)

When a furnace doesn’t turn off, it could mean there’s a low refrigerant charge, or a problem with the compressor and/or compressor valves. Another possibility is that you  need to replace a clogged filter with a new one so it can run more efficiently. If your furnace is around 12-15 years, it’s most likely nearing the end of its life and will constantly run to try to heat the house — and have a hard time reaching your desired temp on the thermostat. A new furnace will work much more efficiently, save on energy bills, and keep your family more comfortable.

Your Energy Bill is Higher Than Last Year

When you compare your heating bill to previous years and it’s a lot higher, you should question your furnace’s efficiency. An old furnace will run longer to heat the house, which definitely costs more money. It may be time to ask your One Hour HVAC technician about a new, more efficient heating unit.

Not Quite Sure if You Need a New Furnace? Just Ask!

Strange sounds, higher bills, and a cold family are all indications something is wrong with your furnace. It’s best to have us take a look and let you know if it’s possible to repair your current system or replace it. Give us a call and we’ll be right over with an honest answer.