New Heat Pump Technology Keeps Your More Comfortable for Less Money

Advances in heat pump technology have made a big difference in the amount homeowners spend to heat and cool their Baton Rouge residences. These new systems are designed to keep indoor temperatures at optimal levels throughout the year. The U.S. Department of Energy regularly releases information on new technologies that can reduce the cost of heating and cooling. Here are some of the most important advances in HVAC systems available now and expected in the next few years.

Solid State Heating and Cooling

The United Technologies Research Center is currently developing a refrigerant-free heat pump system for commercial and consumer use. The project is partly funded by the Department of Energy and is expected to reduce not only the energy expended but also to decrease the necessary size of these systems. Fewer moving parts will likely result in a lower chance of mechanical failures and breakdowns. Because these solid-state systems are designed to require no refrigerant, they are expected to offer real environmental benefits as well.

High-Efficiency Systems

New heating and cooling systems are more energy-efficient and provide greater comfort for residents of Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. The hot and muggy weather typical of summers in Louisiana can put real stress on older HVAC units. By upgrading to the latest air conditioning options, homeowners can often enjoy greater indoor comfort throughout the year while reducing the risk of breakdowns that could end up costing large amounts of time and money to repair. A high-efficiency system can deliver comfortable temperatures while lowering monthly operating costs by a significant degree.

Variable Speed Motors

Once considered an impressive innovation in the HVAC industry, variable-speed technology allows for greater control over energy expenditure and improved comfort for homeowners and business owners. Traditional AC motors run at a single speed during all phases of operation. A variable speed motor, by contrast, only runs at full speed and power when demand for air conditioning merits it. At other times, it runs at only a portion of its full capacity to manage humidity and to provide added comfort for homeowners in our area. Most new heating and cooling systems can be configured with variable speed motors to provide superior energy efficiency and the most comfortable temperatures indoors even in the heat of a sweltering Baton Rouge summer.

2-Stage Compressors

Another relatively recent development in the HVAC industry, 2-stage compressor technologies are designed to reduce energy costs by allowing your air conditioning system to run at half or full capacity depending on the degree of cooling required. Milder days with little or no humidity might require only the first stage to operate. Both stages, however, would be needed to keep things cool when scorching temperatures and high moisture levels in the air heat things up outside.

Ductless Systems

Ideal for homes without existing ductwork and to heat and cool room additions, garages and other smaller spaces, ductless systems offer the perfect combination of temperature control and lower utility bills. These systems can be designed to create comfort zones inside your home, allowing greater control over indoor temperatures for bedrooms and other enclosed spaces. Working with a qualified HVAC company can ensure that you receive the right guidance on these advanced systems, allowing you to choose the correct solution for your heating and cooling needs.

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