HVAC systems have a language all their own, and if you listen closely, sometimes they will tell you when something is wrong. Here are some noises your HVAC will make when it needs your help:

Screeches, Shrieks and Squeals

These noises can be downright frightful, but don’t panic. It sounds worse than it is. Squealing usually means a bad belt. Although it sounds horrible, it’s likely the belt won’t hurt anything, however, you should replace it before it breaks, or it will shut down the motor.


If you hear rattling somewhere in your home, you might wonder if you have a ghost. It’s more likely that something small fell through one of your vents and is now rattling around inside your ductwork.


Although it might sound like an angry cat is loose in your HVAC, it’s probably air escaping through your ductwork. If the hissing seems to be coming from behind the walls, your ductwork is probably leaking heated or cooled air into the walls instead of directing it into your home.


Clanking usually means that the blower, blades or motor fan are unbalanced and knocking against other parts. Clanking could also indicate loose or unbalances parts inside the sealed unit or that the compressor itself is loose. If the loose part breaks off, it could damage your system.


High-pitched screaming usually means a refrigerant leak that could damage your equipment and threaten your health. It could also mean internal pressure inside the compressor, and that’s dangerous. Turn off the system if it hasn’t already shut off automatically.

AC and heating system maintenance can catch and correct most problems that cause these noises. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Baton Rouge offers emergency AC and heating system repair services in the Baton Rouge area. Give us a call at (225) 320-4162 and we’ll take care of the problem.