Mind Your IAQ to Keep Your Family Healthy

Indoor air quality (IAQ) in Clinton, LA is a serious matter. Unfortunately, it may also be one you don’t pay enough attention to.

We tend to notice when smoke is present in the air, and musty odors are hard to miss. But there are many other types of contaminants that affect the air we breathe that aren’t quite as noticeable. If you aren’t careful, tiny airborne particles and other types of pollutants can quietly contaminate your indoor environment, compromising the breathability of the air inside your home and threatening the health and comfort of your family without you ever being the wiser.

Unless you’ve done your homework, you may not even suspect that the runny nose, itchy eyes and scratchy throat you often experience may not actually be caused by hay fever but may simply be the result of too-high levels of airborne allergens in your home.

Your AC Filter: Your First Line of Defense Against Indoor Air in Clinton, LA

In the battle for healthier indoor air, your AC filter plays a fundamental role. By preventing your HVAC system from releasing contaminants into the air and dispersing them throughout your home, this minor marvel of human ingenuity can have a major impact on your family’s health and comfort. The simple act of making sure you clean change your air filter regularly can provide exponential gains in comparison to the minor inconvenience it involves.

Air Purifier Technology: Taking Indoor Air Quality to the Next Level

In your quest for healthier indoor air, a clean HVAC air filter is only the beginning. Other airborne contaminants that don’t pass through your system’s filter also need to be addressed. And that’s where air purification technology comes in. Studies have shown that air filters and air cleaners can significantly reduce airborne particulates. An air purifier or UV lamp can trap and kill bacteria, viruses, and other biological contaminants, making your Clinton, LA home healthier.

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