AC repairs can be simple or complex, and their causes can range from minor to major. Minor causes might require only the replacement of one or more small parts while major causes can sometimes make it necessary to replace a larger AC system component. That’s why we always recommend regular air conditioning maintenance to minimize wear and tear and keep your Prairieville, LA system running smoothly. Whether your AC system requires maintenance or repair, our technicians are always happy to help. Two of the most common AC repair issues you might encounter are described below.

Frozen Coils in Prairieville, LA

A common AC repair issue our technicians deal with is a frozen evaporator and/or condenser coil. Frozen indoor and outdoor AC coils can result from a refrigerant leak or an airflow problem triggered by a blocked register or clogged air filter. This is one key reason to always make sure you follow the simplest and most basic principle of air conditioning maintenance: Change your air filter every one to three months, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Fan Motor Failure

Fan motor failure can occur either in the blower motor that circulates the cooled air throughout your home or in the outdoor condenser unit fan that removes the heat from the refrigerant that has carried it out of your home. If your AC system isn’t blowing cool air or if it’s blowing warm air, one of these fan motors could be the issue. In most cases, you’ll need to have your Prairieville, LA system looked at by an HVAC professional. To avoid unnecessary wear and tear on these two critical AC fan motors, be sure to change your air filter regularly and keep the outdoor unit free of debris.

Avoid Many AC Repairs with Regular Maintenance

In the majority of cases, units that have received careful air conditioning maintenance on a regular basis are far less likely to develop more extreme problems that require major parts replacement. Learn more about AC maintenance and repair in Prairieville, LA by visiting our AC Services page or by contacting our office.