How to Tell If Your Air Conditioner Is Wasting Energy

For Clinton, Louisiana, homeowners, an inefficient air conditioner can lead to substantial energy loss, especially over the course of a long, hot summer. Not sure how to tell if your cooling system is performing as efficiently as it should? From high utility bills to long cycles, find out how to tell if your air conditioner is wasting energy.

High Utility Bills

Excessive utility bills often signal that your cooling system is wasting energy, and if you pay close attention to your electric bill, you’ll notice this warning sign quickly. When comparing this month’s bill with previous months, confirm whether your electric rates or your energy usage has increased. If it’s the latter, an appointment for air conditioner repairs and service can determine whether your cooling system needs recalibration, a new part, or a complete replacement.

Inconsistent Temperatures

If you frequently notice that some rooms feel much warmer than others, your air conditioner may not be cooling your home efficiently. At River City’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, our technicians typically start by making sure all of the vents and registers are open before checking your HVAC system’s ductwork. In some cases, we’ll recommend considering zoning systems to resolve efficiency issues while improving comfort at the same time.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Unhealthy indoor air is more than just unpleasant. It can also indicate that your air conditioner is losing efficiency or that it no longer has the cooling power necessary to circulate air through your home. Fortunately, checking refrigerant levels and testing evaporator coils often resolves indoor air quality issues like high humidity while helping your HVAC system regain efficiency.

Long HVAC Cycles

HVAC cycles that are longer than normal often signal efficiency problems that can cost you over time. Our team can assess whether your system is sized appropriately for your home, calculate your current cooling load, and recommend cost-effective upgrades that boost comfort and efficiency.

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