If you would like to get more comfort out of your heating system, you may want to consider a packaged HVAC system. It will allow you to save space and get the temperature right in every season. Find out more about the benefits of packaged HVAC systems in New Roads, Louisiana, and decide whether it is something in which you should invest. 

Energy Saving 

You are more likely to save energy and money with a compact HVAC system that takes care of your heating and cooling. All the units installed will be fully charged, and the factory settings will be set for maximum performance. The out-of-the-box solution usually comes with a high-performance Energy Star configuration, ready to heat and cool your home. Depending on your needs, you can get a packaged heat pump, a packaged dual fuel, or gas and electric HVAC system installed, with up to 81 percent AFUE (heating) and up to 16 SEER (cooling) efficiency. 

Easier to Access 

A compact packaged HVAC system can save you space, too. Because all the heating and cooling components are in one unit, it is easier for you to find a suitable hideaway for it, while the technician servicing your packaged HVAC will find it easier to find the faults. As you can store the unit on the roof, you will be less likely to have the HVAC system damaged by accidents. 


The main benefit of a packaged HVAC unit installation is that it is compatible with your existing air purifiers, air humidifiers, and vents. Because of the central location of the unit, it is also easier to expand. Whether you need more cooling or heating power, you can simply add units and performance-boosting items. 

If you would like to save space and energy, and want an easy maintenance, packaged HVAC unit installed, get in touch with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Baton Rouge by calling (225) 320-4162to get a free quote.