2 HVAC Innovations Taking the Industry by Storm

Changes in the HVAC industry could impact the heating and cooling in your New Roads, Louisiana, home. New and innovative features and additions make it easier to manage your HVAC while reducing energy loss and keeping bills under control. Take a closer look at some of the HVAC innovations that are impacting the industry.

Air Conditioning Power Options

Most central air conditioners are powered by electricity, but a few new options could be more common in the near future. When the sun is beating down on the roof of a building, the harsh rays can raise the indoor temperature, causing the air conditioning system to have to work harder to maintain a comfortable atmosphere. However, one innovator is looking to create a solar-powered air conditioner that would reverse this effect, converting the energy from the sun to power for the AC unit.

Another unique innovation is an ice-powered air conditioner, which is in development in California. The unit is called the Ice Bear and fills with water overnight, freezing it into a large ice block. When the AC runs during the day, it uses the ice to cool the air, reducing the need for the compressor to operate and use energy. Although ice-powered AC units aren’t currently available for home use, they could be coming in the future.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are available now and rapidly increasing in popularity. Homeowners love the innovative features built into these units, which can track usage, make automatic adjustments to save energy, and provide access from anywhere via a smartphone app. With a smart thermostat, you can also view analytics about the amount of energy used in your household and enjoy a more comfortable indoor atmosphere. Some units even track the outdoor temperature and make adjustments in response to climate shifts and spikes.

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