Keeping the HVAC system in your Baton Rouge, Louisiana, home working efficiently is vital to lowering your overall energy use and, in turn, lowering your utility bills. Keeping your HVAC system running as efficiently as possible is easy if you follow a few simple tips.

Keep Your Filters Clean

Dirty or clogged filters can restrict your HVAC’s airflow and cause your system to work harder to maintain the desired temperature in your home. Overworking your HVAC system will not only cause it to break down faster, but also perform less efficiently. You should monitor the cleanliness of your filters and change them every couple of months or more frequently if needed. >

Make Sure Your Thermostat Is Calibrated

Many people have a set it and forget it attitude when it comes to their thermostats. Unfortunately, over time, your thermostat temperatures can vary and eventually end up almost five degrees off. This can cause you to alter your temperature setting in an attempt to compensate for the temperature difference. If it seems like the temperature in your home is a bit off, consider having a professional calibrate your thermostat.

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

Routine HVAC maintenance is vital for your system’s efficiency. During a maintenance visit, your technician will thoroughly inspect all the components of your system to make sure everything is operating properly and provide suggestions for any necessary repairs or upgrades.

In addition to inspecting your device, the technician will clean all the components thoroughly and check your thermostat and airflow. Doing so allows him or her to make sure the system is working properly so it doesn’t need to run more than necessary. If the technician detects any problems affecting your system’s efficiency, he or she will address them with you and provide you with options to correct the problem.

Maintaining your HVAC system’s efficiency with the tips above will not only lower your energy bills but also lengthen your system’s life span. If you need to schedule your HVAC maintenance, call One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Baton Rouge at (225) 320-4162 to speak to one of our technicians and schedule an appointment.