Duct cleaning from an experienced expert can remove contaminants such as dust, pollen, dirt, and pet dander that accumulate over time. This keeps pollutants from spreading through your home and lowering your indoor air quality. Ductwork cleaning can also get rid of bad smells from pest droppings or biological growth and improve your HVAC system’s airflow by removing buildup. It can help you avoid symptoms from poor indoor air quality such as sneezing, eye irritation, coughing, sore throats, rashes, headaches, or fatigue as well.

Ductwork Sealing

Leaks or gaps in your ductwork let conditioned air escape, forcing your air conditioner to work harder, wasting energy, and making some rooms less comfortable than others. You should have your ductwork sealed and insulated by a professional to lower your utility bills, reduce wear, and extend your HVAC system’s life. Duct sealing also improves your home’s indoor air quality by keeping pollutants from getting into your ductwork.

Updating Duct Design

Older homes sometimes have ducts that don’t use the most direct route to each room, especially if you or previous owners have made additions or changes to the house. An efficient design for your ductwork is essential for a comfortable home. Making a few updates in duct design often pays for itself over time through energy savings. It could also reduce the noises created by air moving through your ducts.

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