Are UV Lamps Good in Residential Homes?

Three of the more popular indoor air filtration options are whole-home air purifiers, portable air cleaners, and UV lamps. Hospitals and other medical facilities use UV lamps because of their ability to eliminate germs and viruses. Over the past few years, these lamps have become popular in residential settings as well. Keep reading to learn why UV lamps are good for your Watson, Louisiana, home.

Where Are UV Lamps Installed?

Harmful airborne organisms are particularly problematic in Louisiana homes because of the mild climate and high humidity. UV lamps use electromagnetic rays to kill these organisms before they enter your house through the air vents. Generally, UV lamps are installed inside your HVAC unit in a tube and shine directly onto the system’s coil.

Do UV Lamps Reduce Allergy and Asthma Symptoms?

Summers get incredibly hot in Louisiana, which makes it difficult for the air conditioner to stay dry on the inside since it’s running full blast most of the day. As a result, it becomes a haven for biological growth that can aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms. With UV lamps, you’ll enjoy a significant reduction in the number of microbes that build up on the coils inside the cooling system. Because the microbes are killed before they become airborne, this greatly improves your home’s indoor air quality, thus reducing allergy and asthma symptoms.

Do UV Lights Save Money on HVAC Expenses?

Another reason UV lamps are good in residential homes is that they improve the efficiency of the HVAC system. When microorganisms accumulate on the HVAC coil, the system has to work harder than normal to keep the home at your desired temperature. With UV lamps, these microorganisms are killed, which improves the system’s airflow. This translates into greater HVAC efficiency and reduces your energy bills.

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