Older heating and cooling systems take up ample space and don’t boast near the efficiency as many of today’s packaged systems. You’ll enjoy effective heating and cooling, lower utility bills, and easy installation when you buy a packaged HVAC system for your Watson, Louisiana, home. Keep reading to learn more about some of the reasons to consider a packaged HVAC system.

Save on Interior Space

Is your home limited on interior space? If so, a bulky HVAC system will only take up valuable square footage. Instead of placing a large HVAC system in the garage or on the main floor, enjoy that extra space. This becomes possible with a packaged HVAC system. The unit is placed outside or on the roof of your home, meaning it doesn’t compromise any of your interior living area.

Streamlined Maintenance

All the parts on a packaged HVAC unit are housed within a single unit. An HVAC service technician doesn’t have to go back and forth from one unit to another to make repairs. This saves both time and money on HVAC repairs and maintenance.

Simple Installation

Upon delivery to your home, it’s ready for installation. Since there is only one unit, this reduces its installation cost and time when compared to multi-unit HVAC systems.

Save Money on Utility Bills

A packaged unit provides all-in-one heating and cooling, making it more efficient than multi-unit systems. Its ability to achieve higher HVAC energy efficiency may even reduce your monthly utility bills. Many packaged units feature the ENERGY STAR logo. With this logo, you are promised a savings of 15 to 25 percent a month on your heating and cooling expenses over non-Energy Star products.

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