As winter approaches, it’s important to think ahead to your heating needs for the coming months. Follow these steps to prepare your Baton Rouge, LA HVAC system for our cool-weather season.

Schedule Annual Heater Maintenance

You should schedule a maintenance visit for your furnace in autumn before you begin using your heating system regularly. This gives our technicians a chance to thoroughly clean the unit, adjust the internal components, and inspect everything to ensure that you’re getting the most efficient operation possible.

A system that’s well-maintained will deliver better comfort, cleaner air, and lower utility bills. It will also be less likely to suffer from a breakdown during the heating season, which could mean longer waits due to the higher volume of requests that HVAC providers often experience during these times.

Adjust Your Thermostat Settings

Change your thermostat settings as the temperatures drop, so you’re keeping the home cooler and using less energy. The best way to minimize your utility costs is to keep the house as close to the outdoor temperatures as possible -- within the range of what is comfortable to you and your family, of course. This means you’ll set the thermostat to a relatively lower temperature in winter than in summer.

You can turn the temp down even further at night when you’re bundled in blankets or during the day when the home is empty. A smart thermostat can even automate this for you, so you won’t even have to think twice about adjusting your home’s temperature to achieve optimal energy savings.

Inspect Your Air Filter and Vents

You should check your air filter once a month to make sure it’s not visibly dirty. The beginning of the heating season is a good time to go ahead and change your filter if you haven’t done so in the last two or three months. Check your vents for signs of dust and dirt as well. If they’re noticeably dirty, it may be time to have your ducts cleaned.

If you’re having trouble keeping your home comfortable this winter, contact our team at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. We provide a full range of heating services including prompt repairs, routine maintenance, and affordable replacements. We’ll make sure your family never has to feel the chill in your Baton Rouge home.