The ductwork in your Baton Rouge, LA home delivers all of the cooled and dehumidified air from your air conditioner to the rooms of your home. In the wintertime, it distributes the warmed air to your living space. Problems with your ductwork disrupt your comfort and could cost you a pretty penny. Look out for these signs that you need professional ductwork repairs.

Rooms Are Too Hot or Cold

Air leaks are one of the most common reasons why homeowners need professional ductwork repairs, explains the Department of Energy. The air leaks allow heated or cooled air to seep into unused areas of your home, such as the attic, crawlspace, or areas between the walls. Since this air doesn't reach your living space, your heating and cooling system will have to perform more cycles in order to maintain indoor comfort. Eventually, this leads to higher utility costs.

Unusual Sounds

When metal gets warm, it expands. When it cools, it contracts. You might hear occasional clanging or popping sounds when this happens. However, your air ducts shouldn't shake, rattle, and roll every time your air conditioner or heater cycles. If your ducts vibrate and make a lot of noise, you likely need professional ductwork repairs.

Visible Damage

Although some ducts will be located in places that are difficult to see, such as the attic or between walls, most homes do have some exposed ductwork. Take a look at the ductwork and use a flashlight to check for gaps and holes. Look for damaged caulk or mastic around joints and the connection to the air handler. Peer inside the ducts, and look for debris buildup, which occurs when air gets sucked into the ducts through gaps and holes.

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