The average lifespan of a heat pump in Baton Rouge is about 15 years. Exceptionally well-maintained heat pumps can last 20 years or possibly even longer. Many newer models will last longer than old ones. But in the end, the quality of maintenance is a major factor in determining whether a heat pump dies young or reaches ripe old age. Here is how seasonal heat pump tune-ups will keep your unit in its prime.

Dirt Removal

It doesn't take much dirt inside of a heat pump to cause problems that are costly to fix. Although dust and dirt affect all the internal components, it's the coil inside of the outdoor unit that is most affected. Accumulated dirt can block airflow and reduce heat transfer to the coil. The compressor is forced to overwork, and it gobbles massive amounts of energy in the process.

The compressor motor temperature becomes increasingly hot, putting the unit under tremendous stress. If this continues, the compressor motor will start to deteriorate, and its lifespan will be cut short.

Filter Replacement

Seasonal heat pump tune-ups include filter changes. Filters should be checked every month and replaced when they're too dirty to see through. Running a heat pump with a dirty filter will contaminate indoor air, cause irregular cycling and restrict the flow of heated and cooled air throughout your home. A qualified service technician can advise you on when to change the filter.

Blockage Prevention

Heat pumps can develop blockages, and blockages are bad for those systems. The condensate drain can get clogged with sludge that prevents moisture from exiting the unit. The water gets trapped inside, and the evaporator coil will turn to ice. The process can permanently damage your equipment.

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