Life is a Wonderment

Life is a Wonderment

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Pass It On – March 2, 2020



Have you ever been on the Cog Railroad that takes you up to Pike’s Peak?

Several moons ago, my wife, Patricia, and I made the journey to Manitou Springs, Colorado and boarded the Cog Railroad.

See, Patricia gets a little wheezy when it comes to heights… especially heights that have sharp corners and fourteen thousand-foot drop-offs.

So, the Cog Railroad was the perfect solution. As I recall, it was a smaller rail system that ran on a gear mechanism. Like a sprocket that fed itself. Sort of like going up the Gateway Arch in Saint Louis.

The little railcar you’re in goes ta-clunk, ta-clunk as you pass up, up, up through the woods. A little bit further and you start to see an open area on the side of the mountain. When the railcar comes to an abrupt stop, there you are. You dismount in an open area at the top of the mountain.

There, we found a gathering place where we sat on some stones and some benches and gazed out across the distance in wonderment.

I love that word. “Wonderment.” The dictionary defines it as, “a state of awed admiration or respect.


That day, I defined “Wonderment” as the view from 14,115 feet up in the air. My word, the things you can see. I could see clear into the next couple of weeks from up there.

From that day on, whenever I see something beautiful, I refer to it as a Wonderment.

Wonderments are found all over God’s creation. You can’t help but marvel at deep valleys, ginormous waterfalls, and sky-high geysers.

Wonderments are found all over God’s creation

But you don’t have to go to Colorado. We have Wonderments right close by. Take, for instance, the Wonderment that is the Glen O Jones Lake in Saline County, just south of Equality.

If you’ve never been, do yourself a favor and make the short drive. You’ll be welcomed by a bronze statue of Chief Tecumseh.

Simply sit by the lake and take it all in. The sights. The sounds. The colors. The fresh air.

It’s all a wonderment.

Life is a wonderment.

There’s so much to see if you just let yourself see it.

There’s so much to see if you just let yourself see it

I’ve seen my fair share of wonderments… and they are forever emblazoned in my mind’s eye.

And there are many wonderments that I won’t ever be able to see. But that’s okay. You can tell me all about them when you go in my place.

Thank you, Lord, for what you have blessed us with. Let us never forget or forsake the beauty of your creation.

It is a wonderment.

Thanks for readin’…

Francis Pass.

P.S. – Did you know the name Tecumseh is Shawnee for “shooting star” or “blazing comet?” Another Wonderment.

Shooting Star