Heating Replacement

Are you paying too much in repair bills for your heating system? Does it seem like those repairs occur more often than they should? If so, it may be time to upgrade to a new system from Pass One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®.

A malfunctioning, inefficient HVAC unit can leave you with a chilly house and may cost you more money in utility bills in the long run. Today’s energy-efficient systems have much higher AFUE ratings than older units. The higher the number, the more efficient the heater. Pass One Hour’s high-rated systems will keep you warmer at a lower utility cost throughout the coldest stretch of winter.

Pass One Hour technician holding air filter

When Is The Right Time To Replace Your System?

When is replacement more cost-effective than repair? Here are a few telltale signs:

  • When your heater has been in use for 10 years or longer
  • When your home has hot & cold areas instead of consistent heating
  • When your utility bills increase even though you have not changed your heater usage habits
  • When you find yourself making more frequent repairs
  • When the unit makes loud noises while operating

Furnace Repairs

The last thing you need in the middle of winter is a furnace breakdown. Should it happen, our certified technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our crews will have your heat running again in no time.

Each of our trucks is stocked with more than $5,000 in parts. That provides a 99% probability that your Pass One Hour service technician has the solution to your problem onboard and can fix it on the initial visit.

Pass One Hour technician standing at the back of the van

Furnace Maintenance Services

Your heating system is similar to your vehicle. In order to run efficiently and reliably, it needs proper maintenance.

Pass One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® offers a 20-Point Precision Tune-up & Professional Cleaning to maintain your system’s peak performance to keep it running safely throughout the most extreme winter months.

During your Tune-Up, our technicians will:

  • Test & Cycle Furnace
  • Check Thermostat Operation
  • Check Ignition System
  • Check & Record Temperature Rise
  • Remove & Clean Burners
  • Clean Flame Sensor
  • Check operation of Safety Controls
  • Check for Gas Leaks in Furnace Area
  • Lubricate Motors (If needed)
  • Check Air Filters
  • Test Primary & Secondary Heat Exchangers
  • Check Combustion Intake & Exhaust Piping
  • Check Flue Piping
  • Check Electrical Connections
  • Examine Circuit Boards
  • Check Blower Assembly
  • Check Draft Inducer Assembly
  • Check Furnace Condensate Drain Line
  • Check & Adjust Gas Pressure (to keep your furnace running efficiently)

Furnace System Installation

If your heating system is outdated, Pass One Hour offers replacement with a full line of furnaces with a variety of efficiency ratings, including:

  • Highest Efficiency (95% AFUE rating)
  • High Efficiency (92% AFUE rating)
  • Basic Efficiency (80% AFUE rating)

Heat Pumps Installation & Repair

A heat pump is extremely versatile. It can not only cool affordably and efficiently, but it also heats your home. For budget-conscious homeowners, a heat pump from Pass One Hour can effectively replace your existing heating and air conditioning system.

Wait. A heat pump can cool your home? That has to be a typo, right?

It’s true. Heat pumps are designed to pull heat out of the air or ground to heat your home or office building. However, by using a reversing valve, the flow of refrigerant is reversed. So, instead of pumping heat inside your home, the heat pump acts like an air conditioner and cools the home.

Different Types of Heat Pumps

There are many different kinds of heat pumps, but they all operate on the same basic principle of heat transfer.

The most common heat pump is the air-source heat pump. It takes heat from the air outside your home and pumps it inside through refrigerant-filled coils. Inside this basic heat pump, you’ll find two fans, refrigerator coils, a reversing valve, and a compressor.

This system is more commonly known as an air-air heat pump because it takes heat from outdoor air and transfers it to indoor air ducts. With proper modification, air-source systems can work with other types of indoor heating systems. Other types of heat pumps are water-source and geothermal. They collect heat from the water or ground outside your home and concentrate it for use inside.

What many people don’t realize is that heat pump systems are less expensive to install and operate than most centralized HVAC systems. Pass One Hour can install a top-of-the-line heat pump and provide all the required maintenance and repairs to maximize its lifecycle.

Split System Heat Pumps

For homes without ductwork, a split system heat pump from Pass One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® is the best option to heat multiple rooms at the same time.

A split-system heat pump is a ductless HVAC system that uses an external and internal unit(s) to keep your home warm during cold days and cool during warm days. It provides the perfect solution for homeowners who desire a centralized heating and cooling system but have no existing ductwork.

A split system is energy-efficient because you can independently control the internal units connected to the single external unit, setting different temperatures in each room as desired.

Pass One Hour technician in stock room

Boilers Installation & Repairs

While boilers are among the oldest heating systems around, they remain popular among homeowners due to its ability to heat homes evenly and efficiently. A boiler system uses radiant heat to warm the rooms of your home, giving you more comfortable and longer-lasting heat than you would get from other HVAC options.

How Does a Boiler System Work?

Using hot water from a boiler that is typically installed in the basement of your home, a boiler system generates radiant heat to keep rooms warm. The heated water is coursed through pipes, which are installed in the walls or beneath the floors of the rooms that require heating. This radiant heat keeps rooms warmer longer because of the warmed surface. Depending on your preference, you can choose from gas-fired boilers or oil-fired boilers with high AFUE ratings to provide energy-efficient heating.

Key Benefits of a Boiler System

Why should you consider a boiler system from Pass One Hour? Benefits include:

  • Fewer allergens – Compared to duct heating, boiler heating does not distribute dust and allergens that many traditional heating systems do.
  • Heat Control – Boiler heating systems are equipped with controls so you can choose which rooms or zones to heat. This allows you to pinpoint high-traffic areas.
  • Energy Savings – By enjoying greater control over which areas are heated makes boilers a more economical and more energy-efficient choice than duct heating.

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