The Bridge That Went Nowhere

an image of a bridge in the winter

Pass It On is a new, bi-weekly peek inside the heart and mind of Francis Pass…

In my little hometown of Dongola, we had a bridge like no other.

It was a bridge that went nowhere. 

Off the northbound lane of Interstate 57 stood a bridge that went straight into the side of the hill. It didn’t go anywhere. It stopped right there. 

See, our state department of transportation knew that, eventually, a bridge would be required to exit off of 57 and take 51 North to Anna. So, they built one. Or half of one, at least.

And it sat. And sat. And sat. Unfinished. All the way up to the day I joined the military. 

an image of a bridge in the winter

When the state finally got around to finishing the project, they discovered that the bridge to nowhere was no longer up to code. So they tore it down a built a new one. 

Poor planning leads to poor performance.

Proper planning leads to professional performance. 

Y’know, looking back on the past 12 months, I think we can safely say that 2020 was filled with a lot of bridges that went nowhere.

But now is not the time to look back. It’s time to look forward – to see the future – and finish those bridges. 

an image of a bridge in the winter

I’m reminded of the Blackhorse emblem. 

That was the insignia proudly displayed on the sleeves of the 11th Armored Calvary, also known as the Blackhorse Regiment. 

No matter if I’m facing you or walking away from you, that Blackhorse is never glancing back. It’s always looking forward and ready to charge into the unknown.

How about you? Does it sometimes feel like you’re on a bridge to nowhere? 

The key is stop and reroute before you smash into the side of that hill.

Remember the Blackhorse. Even if you have to turn around, it’s okay. Because you’re still heading in the right direction. 

Where will your bridge take you in 2021? 

Be well. Stay well. And thanks for readin’…

Francis Pass 

P.S. – That wasn’t the only bridge in Southern Illinois that went nowhere. There was another one, too. Do you know where it was? 

an image of the Blackhorse emblem