I Love Fall

fall trees

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fall trees

I love the changing of the leaves
Deciduous trees
And the coming of the fall.

I love cooler mornings on my porch
watching Hummingbirds before
they migrate south for the fall.

I love Ferne Cliff State Park
And the early hours of dark
That begin to descend in the fall.

I love reflecting upon the year.
Thanking God he put me here
To enjoy the beauty of fall.

I love breathing in my share
Of crisp, country air
That’s gently sweetened by the fall.

I love early morning dew
And spending time with you
For yet another fall.

I love campfires when it’s cold
Chili in a bowl.

Skies when they’re clear
So the stars can appear

Leaves on the lake.
That don’t require a rake.

Nature calming down
And marshmallows turning brown.

And I love Fall, too.

Thanks Tom T.

And thanks for readin’

Francis Pass

P.S. – This might make you roll your eyes…

But I even love pumpkin spice.

Because it reminds me of fall.

fall coffee