Watchin’ Eagles Fly

eagle flying

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A few years ago, Patricia and I traveled to Grafton, Illinois to take an eagle-watching bus tour. First, they gave us a little presentation. Then, we hit the road.

We crossed a little tributary off the Illinois river, went up and down the hills overlooking Grafton, and saw a bunch of eagles. I’m not exaggerating when I say we witnessed around a hundred bald eagles during our little excursion. It was a spectacular sight.

See, when all the water freezes up north, the eagles come south to our neck of the woods. Some eventually fly back. But others end up staying. I don’t blame ‘em, either. This is beautiful country we’ve got here.

This past year, Patricia and I bought tickets for the eagle tour. Instead of a bus, they were gonna take us out on a big, beautiful boat. But, like so many other things, our little cruise was canceled.

That made me sad. I was so looking forward to seeing the eagles.

Have you ever seen one with your own eyes?

It’s a truly magnificent creature.

I can’t understand why ol’ Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be our national bird. Can you imagine?

To me, there’s no better representation of America than a bald eagle.

Next to our flag, it’s the most recognizable patriotic symbol. The bald eagle is majestic, determined, and strong.

The eagle knows you gotta be strong to survive. Because there’s always another bird out there ready to eat your lunch.

Yes, Patricia and I were disappointed our eagle tour got canceled. But wouldn’t you know it, we’ve had our own eagle tour right her at home. We’ve spotted two bald eagles flying low along route 148 in Energy.

I hope you’re lucky enough to see them, too. They’ll take your breath away.

Bet you’ve never felt that way about a turkey.

Be well. Stay well. Thanks for readin’...

Francis Pass

P.S. – Did you know an eagle’s grip is up to ten times more powerful than humans? I told you they were strong.