Party Time

Fourth of July flag with fireworks

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Party Time

Back in my younger days, my idea of a party was a little different than it is now.

Our meet-up spot was at the Slope right across from the Merry Mix in Dongola.

Fourth of July flag with fireworks

Kids would drive their vehicles - in my case, my dad’s Mustang – and park at the Slope. There, we’d all decide on a destination somewhere in the boonies and head on out.

Now, I’m not proud of this... but after reaching our destination, we’d typically partake in chicanery and tomfoolery. We’d do all sorts of dumb things... like dropping watermelons off the bridge and onto I-57. It was not only stupid, but dangerous, too.

We never did go teepeeing. In fact, I’d never even heard of it when I was a kid. But we did do our fair share of tractor wheel rolling. That’s when you’d take an old iron tractor wheel and roll it down the hill to see how far it’d go.

We also turned over many an outhouse.

Nowadays, my idea of a party is food, friends, and captivating conversation.

Fourth of July flag with fireworks

Never underestimate the importance of fellowship. Exchanging experiences, ideas, and encouragement with friends and family is a true blessing.

It’s an opportunity to express your character and beliefs in the hopes of having a positive influence on others.

This past weekend, Patricia and I gathered with my Army buddies and their wives for our own little party. I often refer to us as the Three Amigos from Dongola until we adopted a hometown Marine into our little gang. So now, we’re the Four Dongolians.

Our quartet discussed a variety of topics. Society, politics, our nation, the future... we did our part to solve all the world’s most complex issues.

Then we ate our BBQ chicken that we picked up from the Elks at Lake of Egypt and watched the fireworks.

The four of us share a love for our country and our freedom.

Fourth of July flag with fireworks

For me, July 4th is a reminder of what our founding fathers endured to secure our freedom.

This year, that sweet, sweet freedom turns 246 years old.

Now that deserves a party.

Happy Independence Day. Thanks for listenin’/readin’...

Francis Pass

P.S. – Those melons made a heckuva wallop when they’d hit the pavement. Just sayin’.

A watermelon infront of a 4th of July flag