Homeowner’s can take a lesson from Julius Caesar and his infamous warning that rings in the Roman New Year and get ready with a checklist of the trial’s and tribulations to come! March is a busy month for us in the desert southwest, it is the beginning of our climb to our scorching summer sun as well as the peak of our rainfall season before we hit the driest period of the year through June. If you have kids in school or are attending yourself, you also get spring break (yay!) though your options may be limited due to covid (boo!). Whatever your plans end up being, this month can be chaotic but hopefully we can give you some pointers to free up some time!

HVAC Filters

Hand with Dust

Did you know the human body sheds over a pound of skin per year? Yuck right? Combined with pet dander and multiplied by members of your household a family of 6 could produce almost a pound a month! All that skin settles out as dust throughout your home and importantly in your air filter for your heater and air conditioner. Combined with pet dander and This can cause your filter to be impacted and reduce airflow around your home, as well as prevent it from capturing further debris and buildup throughout your HVAC system. Keeping on top of your filter changes saves tons of money in repairs and lost efficiency and will help make your family breathe easier knowing they are not inhaling little pieces of themselves!

Being Ready for Rain!

Horse shoe bend

As you make your travel plans this month keep in mind March is the wettest month of the year for us in AZ, and while a good outdoors trip is a great getaway to clear your mind and have some fun with the family, inclement weather is only a day or 2 away! Whether you want to go to the Red Cliffs in Sedona and see beautiful view or take a glimpse at the Grand Canyon, just keep in mind that our weather can change in an instant and plan accordingly! A trip to the Grand Canyon might be better off turning into a trip to Bearizona, and a trip to hike in Sedona may be better spent viewing some of the wonderful art galleries, or homages to the past with statues and historic sites galore!

Air conditioning Tune-Up

Two AC Units

This time of year we know 2 things. It is going to get warmer, and it’s also going to get cooler. March is finicky and we don’t tend to have a set ramp up, more of a roller coaster. Often flipping back and forth between wanting to crank the furnace up, or chill out with the AC, this can add some tremendous wear and tear to your system! Fortunately, as you undergo the thermostat wars in your household there is an easy item to mark off the checklist, the maintenance for your Air conditioner. How long will you drive your car without an oil change? 2,000 miles? 6,000 miles? Surely you wouldn’t go past 10,000 miles? Just like changing the oil in your car there are essentials that need serviced with your air conditioner. A single underperforming capacitor can prevent your whole household from being comfortable, preventing startup on your other essential components for your AC and Heater! Though it does not always prevent breakdowns, it can save a lot of time and a lot of money in the long run! Through the coming months we will take thousands of calls from homeowners who skipped this essential step, and their unit no longer works. Save yourself the headache today and schedule yours! (We offer some generous early bird specials throughout March!)

To end with another homage to Caesar, who said, “Experience is the teacher of all things” We hope you consider taking some opportunities to experience some of the beautiful nature & experiences available in Arizona and have a splendid spring in anticipation for a scorching summer!

We at One Hour Air Conditioning are passionate about your comfort and the health of your indoor air quality and the comfort of your home, we are here to serve!

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