Look Out for These 3 Signs That You Need AC Repairs

As we mentioned in last week’s post, scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance is the best way in which to keep your system working at peak performance and efficiency levels. The harsh truth of the matter, though, is that there is no way in which to make your air conditioner 100% reliable. We’d like to tell you otherwise, but we’re just too honest to do so. Because we live in such a hot climate, you need to act fast if you do notice that there is something wrong with your AC. Here are a few warning signs to look out for that may mean you need air conditioning repairs in Miami, FL.

Increased Cooling Costs

It would be great if we could cool our homes for free in this area, but that is just not the case. That being said, you probably have a pretty good idea of just how much it costs you to cool your home effectively throughout the summer season. If you get your next utility bill in the mail, only to find yourself suffering a bit of sticker shock when you review it, you may need air conditioning repairs. A compromised air conditioner may still function, after all, but at reduced efficiency levels.

Uneven Cooling

Are there hot spots popping up throughout your home? This is a serious issue, especially if your air conditioner has previously cooled your home evenly throughout. There are a few reasons as to why this problem may develop, with blower fan issues or even leaky ductwork being among the most likely. Dial our number if you have noticed hot spots throughout your home.

Short Cycling

If your air conditioner is too big for your home, it has probably always suffered from short cycling. If this problem has just developed, though, causing your system to shut down after only a very brief run cycle, you should let us know immediately. You may have refrigerant leaks, issues with your thermostat, or problems with other system controls. Don’t ignore short cycling. You’ll wind up paying more for a subpar cooling performance, and your system could be seriously damaged.

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