Save Money With a Remote Control Air Conditioning System

Dialing a number

You rely on your air conditioning system in the summertime, but the bills can be a handful – Americans spend $24 billion every year to cool their homes. Fortunately, smart technology can help you save money on your cooling bills, and for more reasons than you might think. New air conditioning systems that connect to the internet and allow you to control them remotely give you the power to cool down only when you need to, and they can even reduce the size of the AC model you need to keep your home comfortable. Read on to learn why this technology can save you money up front and over time.

Don’t Go for the Jumbo Model

Many homes have air conditioning units that are a little larger than they need to be. Why? Because when people come home to a sweltering hot house, a big air conditioning system can cool down the space faster. However, large AC units can cause problems, as well. They use up more power than you need, and since they work so quickly, they tend to cycle on and off rapidly and don’t do as good a job dehumidifying the air.

Obviously, it’s better to have a properly-sized air conditioning system for your home, but who wants to wait to cool down? That’s where the remote control technology comes in. With smart air conditioning systems, you can just tap your phone to let it know you’ll be home soon, and the unit will get started to ensure that you have a cool, comfortable home by the time you get there.

Efficiency Through Technology

With smart technology, the air conditioning system can even learn when you typically arrive home from work and turn itself on automatically. The system can sense when no one is home and shut down the cooling for the time being, saving you even more money. The technology will also look for other ways to find efficiencies and keep your bills under control.

Eventually, the technology will be totally integrated to the grid, allowing the air conditioning system to know when electricity is cheapest and fine-tune its operations even more. But homeowners already have the power in their smart phones to keep their homes perfectly comfortable.

If you want to learn more about your options for remote control air conditioning, or need help picking out the right size air conditioning system for your home, call an HVAC expert today.