How to Dehumidify a House in Naples, FL

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In Naples, the summers can get oppressive: hot, long, and—maybe the worst of all—muggy. On the Gulf Coast, Naples gets bombarded with warm, wet air throughout most of the year, and it can make a hot day feel downright sticky and miserable. A whole-home dehumidifier can make everything much more comfortable indoors.

Here’s how to choose the best setting for your dehumidifier.

How to Set a Whole-home Dehumidifier and Adjust the Humidity Levels

Many whole-home dehumidifiers can be controlled directly from your thermostat. With a smart thermostat, you can even program them to raise or lower the humidity at certain times of the day or while you’re out of the house. To set your dehumidifier, simply select the humidity level on your thermostat and let it run.

Your humidistat may also be a separate device. It’s wall-mounted and usually found near your thermostat. You’ll be able to identify the humidistat by the dial, which will be measured as a percentage.

What’s the Most Comfortable Dehumidifier Humidity Setting?

The ideal humidity setting for comfort at home is between 30% and 50%. Many homeowners will feel comfortable at an average of 40%, but you can adjust up and down based on your household needs. We don’t recommend pushing the setting above 60%.

What Impacts the Best Setting for Your Dehumidifier?

Plenty of factors will impact how you set your dehumidifier. You may adjust the settings based on:

  • Weather. In the summer, you’ll have to raise your humidity settings to avoid paying expensive energy bills. Your dehumidifier has to work harder as the outdoor humidity soars; choose a setting closer to 50% to keep your system from working too hard.

  • Mold growth. If you spot mold growing in your home, it might be time to lower your humidity settings. Removing extra moisture from the air will help regulate mold growth.

  • Indoor condensation. Your humidistat may be set too high if you regularly find condensation on the inside of your windows or metal surfaces. In Naples, you’re most likely to run into this problem during the cooling season. If you lower the temperature of your AC too far, it cools metal and glass surfaces and encourages condensation.

  • Medical history. You may feel more comfortable raising and lowering the humidity in your home to accommodate any medical issues like asthma, allergies, respiratory or skin conditions, arthritis, frequent nosebleeds, and more. Talk to your doctor about whether adjusting the humidity levels in your home might help you manage symptoms.

What Should I Set My Dehumidifier at in the Summer?

As the outdoor humidity increases, try turning the humidity up closer to 50% instead of 30%. This helps regulate your indoor climate without driving your energy bill up too high. Relative humidity can rise over 70% during the Naples summer; trying to keep your home at 30% humidity would have your dehumidifier straining non-stop. At 40 or 50%, you’ll still get the relief of a much cooler and dryer home while being kind to your wallet.

Choosing the Best Humidity Setting for a Dehumidifier Throughout the Year

In spring and fall, you can turn your dehumidifier to a lower relative humidity setting, lowering the humidity to the most comfortable point without paying too much for your utilities. Things tend to dry out some in the winter months, so you may feel more comfortable upping the humidity level at home, compared to spring and fall.

The Best Dehumidifier Setting to Prevent Mold

If you notice mold in your home, it’s a sign that there’s too much moisture in your indoor air. Check for leaks that could be watering your mold problem, then turn your humidity down by at least a few percentage points. For extreme dampness at home, try setting the dehumidifier to 30% for a few days to dry things out. Then, turn the settings up a little every few days until you reach a humidity level that’s comfortable without encouraging mold growth.

Start Living Your Most Comfortable Life with Professional Dehumidifier Installation

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