You could have something as serious as mold inside of your HVAC unit, or the odor could be caused by something simple like a piece of food that was dropped inside of a floor vent. Either way, you should have a company check on your indoor air quality in Nashville . Then, air duct cleaning can be done to get rid of bad smells once and for all. Here is the best way to treat the odor issues in your HVAC system.

Step 1: Find out whether or not you have mold in your HVAC system.

Over time, mold can form inside of your HVAC system. It can grow on your HVAC unit’s evaporator coils as well as in drip pans and on drain lines. Unless you are experienced with HVAC systems, you should not attempt to diagnose the presence of mold yourself. Contact a company that specializes in HVAC repair to investigate it for you.

Step 2: Remove the mold if it is found inside of your HVAC system.

If you find that you do have mold located in your system, you should have it treated right away. A licensed HVAC technician will be able to find the mold, get rid of it, and most importantly, fix whatever caused the mold in the first place.

Step 3: Locate the source of the bad odor if mold is not detected.

If you do not have mold in your HVAC unit, you should set your sights on finding where the odor is coming from. Moisture and debris trapped inside your air ducts could be the cause. Dead rodents and scraps of food caught in your system could also be the culprit.

Step 4: Perform air duct cleaning to get rid of the smell for good.

Once you have found the source of the odor and removed it, it’s a good idea to have air duct cleaning done to make sure your HVAC system is 100 percent clean. It will make a big difference in the way your home smells!