Experts in furnace repair and air conditioning installation near Nashville find that it’s common for people to set their thermostats lower once the weather gets warm. A thermostat’s purpose is to maintain the desired temperature in your home year-round, no matter what the temperature is outside, so there should be no need to adjust the settings in this way.

People also set their thermostats lower than they want their home to feel, believing it will cool the interior faster. The thermostat only controls the final temperature that you home will reach, and not the speed that it will get there. By turning your thermostat particularly low, you unnecessarily risk overcooling your home.

Another myth about thermostats is that constantly leaving them on a moderate setting will save you money on energy costs. Even if you have the temperature set reasonably, keeping your home warm or cool while you are out is more expensive for most households than consistently setting your thermostat comfortably low or high. Your furnace repair specialist can provide more tips.

Woman Using a Thermostat