Energy Efficient Cooling Tips for the Summer Season

Summer is definitely here, and homeowners have probably started calling for air conditioning service near Nashville . By scheduling air conditioning service and HVAC repair, you can avoid potential problems and keep your house as cool as possible. In between your air conditioning service, there are many tips and tricks to keep your house as cool as possible, while saving you money and energy.

Work Your Thermostat

Even though your air conditioner does most of the work, it is controlled by the thermostat. Learn how to work the thermostat to your advantage in the summer months. Try to keep the temperature as high as you can comfortably stand. Keep the thermostat off or set it higher when no one is in the house. Keep the temperature at 78° or higher when you are home—every degree lower can cost you up to 10% in energy bills.

Avoid Using Hot Appliances

During the summer months, try to keep your appliance usage as low as possible. Appliances, especially the oven and clothes dryer, generate a significant amount of heat and energy. By using these appliances as little as possible, you can keep your house cooler.

Change Your Air Filters

You should replace your air filters every few months throughout the year. However, you should consider changing the filters every month during the summer. As you run your air conditioning more regularly, the filters collect more dust and dirt from inside and outside the house. By replacing the filters once a month, your air conditioner system will not have to work as hard to cool the house and maintain the indoor air quality.

Call for HVAC Maintenance

You should have your heating and cooling professionals out at least twice a year. They will check your systems for the summer and winter. This air conditioning service can flag potential problems, and help maintain the unit’s efficiency. HVAC repair and maintenance professionals can also help you replace your air filters.