Winterization Tips for Your Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit

The winter season is here, and chances are that you will not turn on your air conditioner for many months to come. To avoid the need for extensive air conditioning maintenance when the summer season arrives, it is a great idea to take the time to make sure that your AC system is protected from the elements during the coldest months of the year. A company that specializes in AC maintenance in Nashville can provide you with essential winterization procedures this season. If you are considering scheduling AC maintenance for your system, read on for a look at some essential winterization tips.

Wash the Exterior

Throughout the fall season, leaves, branches, and other types of debris may clutter up the outside portion of your air conditioning unit. Before you shut your air conditioner for the winter, you will want to fully wash the exterior and clear away any fallen debris. If the condenser coil is also dirty, it can be cleaned using a vacuum that is connected to a hose extension.

Place Pipe Insulation

Depending on your make and model of air conditioner, your unit may have pipes that are exposed to the outside air. To prevent these pipes from freezing and potentially becoming damaged this winter, you will want to place pipe insulation in strategic areas. Foam insulation should be used around any pipes that are on the exterior of the unit. Taking the time to insulate this winter can help you avoid a maintenance emergency.

Install a Waterproof Cover

Snow, rain, and ice can all damage your air conditioner during the winter months. To avoid weather related damage, it is essential to install a waterproof cover around the exterior of your unit. If possible, you will want to invest in a cover that is specifically designed for use on an air conditioner. Once the cover has been installed, your outside air conditioner will be prepared for the winter season.