Types of Kitchen Exhaust Fans

Whether you’re renovating your Pompano Beach kitchen or curious about different types of exhaust fans, here’s our guide to the various styles and what makes them different.

Range Hood Venting Options

In many cases, your kitchen style will determine what type of exhaust fan you choose, but there are still a variety of options. These are kitchen ventilation hoods to choose from as you design your kitchen.

  • Wall mount canopy hoods are the traditional look for range hoods. In place of above-stove cabinets, the metal canopy connects to ductwork that runs through the wall. Because there are various venting strengths and designs available, wall mount canopy hoods are compatible with numerous kitchen designs.

  • Under cabinet range hoods are installed below the cabinets that sit over the stove. This allows a more discreet look than the full over the range canopy.

  • Microwave range hood combination offers a two-in-one solution. With the vents below the microwave, you can clear away the steam and smoke from cooking. At the same time, mounting the microwave above the stove saves on counter space, without taking away the option of cabinets above. However, these systems are not always installed with ductwork that vents outside. This makes it possible for cooking odors to linger longer than they should.

  • Through-the-wall fans bypass vents and ductwork to pull the cooking fumes directly outside. This through-the-wall exhaust fan for the kitchen can supplement other exhaust options that may circulate the air instead of discarding it outside.

  • Island range hoods hang over an island cook space and draw the steam and cooking odors up into ceiling ductwork that empties outside.

  • Ceiling-mounted recessed kitchen vents are sleek, modern ceiling exhaust fans for the kitchen, also ideal for an island cooking space. They appear as a steel frame and panel that runs flush to the ceiling. Controlled with a remote, this range also pulls smoke and odors through ductwork to the outside.

  • Retractable downdraft hoods hide discreetly near the burners, opening when you need them, and receding when you don’t. The system pulls steam and smoke down into a filtration system or exhaust pipe, meaning there is no need to vent the hood outside. If your kitchen doesn’t have the space for a traditional range or you prefer the neat, uncluttered look, a retractable hood may be ideal for you.

  • Portable kitchen exhaust fans are also an option for small kitchens that don’t have built-in exhaust fans. They can be set on the counter like a small counter fan, clear the fumes, and be tucked away after.

How Exhaust Fans Contribute to Better Indoor Air Quality

A ventilation hood system does what it says on the tin: It ventilates! Indoor air quality can plummet without proper ventilation as off-gassing, cooking smoke, pet dander, dust, dirt, germs, and other air contaminants fill the room with nowhere to go. The best exhaust fan for your kitchen can pull all those contaminants and redirect them outside, leaving room for fresh air.

Pompano Beach HVAC Technicians

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