How to Improve AC Efficiency with an Air Handler

In Pompano Beach, where even winter weather can reach over 70°F, it’s essential to make the most of your air conditioning. But cranking the thermostat down another few degrees is costly and can strain your system.

So, how do you improve your AC efficiency while enjoying a perfectly cooled house?

Enter: the air handler.

What Is an Air Handler?

Air handlers usually look like a large metal box next to your HVAC system with pipes or tubing connecting them to the rest of the system. They’re between the size of an outdoor air conditioner unit and a standard furnace.

An air handler uses fans and evaporator coils to distribute cool air throughout your home and keep it cool as it moves. Consistent circulation helps keep rooms more evenly cool, and the unit also cools the air somewhat as it passes through the ducts. Air handlers use your existing duct system and cannot run as standalone cooling or heating.

What Does an Air Handler Do?

Air handlers help deliver cooled air throughout your home, keeping things moving and circulating to ensure no one spot gets too warm. Air moves from your air conditioner into rooms, cooling them. As that air starts to warm up, it passes through the air handler. The evaporator coils re-cool the air before blowing back into your home.

Air handlers are not powerful enough to completely cool your home and require an air conditioning unit. Instead of cooling the hot, muggy air of a Pompano Beach summer, it lowers indoor air temperature a few extra degrees while the air conditioner runs. An AC with an air handler doesn’t need to work as hard or as often to cool your home.

Using an AC Air Handler to Improve Your Home’s Efficiency

Once your air handler is installed, just set it to run alongside your air conditioner. It will run whenever the AC runs, boosting weak airflow, cooling overly-hot spaces like the attic, and ensuring an even cool throughout your home.

You’ll notice the difference in your home’s consistent temperature on your lowered cooling bills. Air handlers work with gas and electric AC units and are especially beneficial for homes with heat pumps that don’t have the ductwork to circulate air evenly.

With an air handler, your AC or heat pump may also have a longer lifespan than expected. With two different units to do the work, neither bears the full brunt of air circulation in your home.

Signs Your Air Handler Needs to Be Repaired

Unfortunately, your air handler may lose efficiency or wear down over time, especially with consistent use against the muggy Florida air. Learn the signs that your air handler needs a repair to work at its best:

  • You feel warm air coming from your vents.

  • Your energy bills have increased (without you setting the thermostat any lower).

  • Your AC runs constantly or in very short cycles.

  • You feel weak or inconsistent airflow from your vents.

  • Your AC unit freezes over in the summer.

  • Your air conditioner is reaching the end of its lifespan (if the air handler was installed at the same time).

Need to know how to circulate cool air in a house while you wait for your air handler to be fixed? Try running ceiling fans on a higher setting to increase their cooling effects. On days when the humidity isn’t too high, open the windows to get cross breezes than will make things feel cooler. You can also encourage air circulation by pointing fans from one room to the next.

Maintain Your Home’s Air Handler with One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Pompano Beach

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