7 Signs of a Trustworthy HVAC Company

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When you need emergency heating or cooling work, you need to know you’re working with a trustworthy HVAC company. Your main focus is getting you and your families’ lives back on track. Untrustworthy HVAC companies can take advantage of that, by using scare tactics to upsell unnecessary — and extremely expensive — products and services. Frequently, untrustworthy HVAC salesmen choose to target the elderly with scare tactics and outright lies. Fortunately, there are many great trustworthy options out there for you.

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At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Toms River, we hate hearing these stories. Our ethics are such a crucial component of our business — yet a few unscrupulous shops can give us all a bad name. Rather than just telling you we’re one of the good ones, we’ll show signs to look for to know that you’re working with a trustworthy HVAC company.

Signs You’re Working with a Trustworthy HVAC Company

Any con artist worth their salt can promise that you can trust them — and make it sound convincing, too. Since actions speak a lot louder than words, the trick is to know specific actions to look for to help you figure out if you’re working with a trustworthy HVAC company. We’ve compiled 7 clear actions so you can distinguish between a cheat and a top-notch HVAC tech.

  1. The company is rated A or better by the Better Business Bureau.

    To help the public know who to trust, the Better Business Bureau awards accreditation to honest businesses. To earn this, a business must show that their practices are legitimate and fair. Looking for this seal of approval is a great first step in choosing a trustworthy company.

    Furthermore, if a previously accredited business is discovered to use dishonest practices, the Better Business Bureau will strip them of all accreditation or substantially lower their grade.
  2. The HVAC technician separates urgent needs from down the road needs.

    Upselling massive services is the number one way unscrupulous HVAC companies rip off customers.

    However, discovering another area of need isn’t necessarily a scam. When an expert technician examines your HVAC system, they may discover the signs of an impending issue — that’s a good thing. In fact, you’d be mad if they noticed a problem and didn’t say anything at all.

    A trustworthy HVAC technician will always differentiate between an immediate emergency and a down the road issue. Insisting on doing both jobs immediately — without giving you a reason — is a red flag. A professional will point out everything he or she sees, including the emergency, acute, chronic, and preventative problems. However a trustworthy should also differentiate between each.

    If you have a friend or family member who’s the input you trust, an honest ethical technician will be happy to speak to them for you, and explain what he/she has shown you. After all, a good serviceman knows that if they treat you right the first time, you’ll invite them back for a second issue.
  3. The technician shows you evidence — rather than trying to scare you.

    Claiming a homeowner has a faulty sewer line and insisting on replacing it is one of the most common HVAC scams (one with a five-figure price tag, at that.)

    A good technician won’t just expect you to believe them, they’ll show you the evidence. Going with the example cracked heat exchanger in your furnace, we always use an infrared camera to identify the damage. Before we ask you to make any financial decisions, we’ll show you the pictures — that way you understand the issue at hand and can make an informed decision.

    Regardless of the HVAC problem, the technician should be able to show you clearly what he or she is talking about, and explain all using plain English. Beware of someone who claims the problem is too technical, or complicated for you to understand. It is our job to patiently explain and show you everything in a way that makes sense to you.
  4. The HVAC company is straightforward with its pricing.

    Another common HVAC scam involves a contractor giving you a low hourly wage for himself or herself, then bringing out several additional contractors that you also need to pay. You’ll think you got a good deal on the work — until you get the bill.

    A trustworthy technician will always be upfront with their pricing, explaining what each individual service costs and why it costs that.
  5. The HVAC technician will let you speak to a service manager.

    If you have any questions about the work or the pricing, you are entitled to speak with a manager. If your HVAC technician refuses to let you talk things over with a manager, that should raise a red flag, telling you that they are less than reputable. The manager should be able to confirm what the tech is telling you, confirm the details, and confirm the pricing, along with helping you identify the urgency of the situation. He or she may be able to offer a temporary solution to give you an opportunity to consider all of the details.
  6. The HVAC technician is punctual, clean, and professional.

    This one comes down to respect. Taking advantage of someone else’s emergency is profoundly disrespectful. Although it’s not a 100% guarantee, a technician who respects your time and your home are more likely to respect you — and treat you fairly.
  7. The HVAC company guarantees their work.

    Look for an HVAC company who will guarantee their work is correct or who will correct it for free. That is the sign of a trustworthy technician. Less-than-trustworthy HVAC companies seek to cash in every way they can, including return visits for work they didn’t do right the first time.

    You can know that an HVAC technician — or any tradesmen — has your back when they put their money where their mouth is, ensuring their work is 100% correct. Be sure that the company accepts all forms of payments. Paying with a major credit card gives a consumer additional protections (that cash and check do not) after the work is complete.

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Toms River is the Trustworthy HVAC Company in Ocean County

Now you have an inside look at how to tell if your HVAC company is trustworthy — or if you need to make another call.

No trustworthy HVAC company should have any issue with you following these tenants. When you work with us, you can count on it.

Ethics and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of our business — along with industry-best HVAC work, of course. You’ll see that we promise you 100% satisfaction, and our actions guarantee it.

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