Make Sure Your Holiday Lights Shine Bright

Residential home with holiday lights
The holidays are a popular time of year for homeowners to go all-out and hang up all kinds of decorative and festive lighting around their homes. And while these are quite visually appealing and a great way to celebrate the holiday season, they can also pose an electrical hazard if not hung correctly. Furthermore, if your home has not had a recent electrical inspection, then you may want to consider hiring an expert Augusta electrician to come out and perform one of these for you before you hang up all of your holiday lighting. Luckily, us experts at Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® have plenty of experience when it comes to electrical systems and are working hard over the holidays to keep our customers safe from electrical issues.

The Benefits of an Inspection

Whether you have a newer or older home, it’s generally recommended that you have your electrical system inspected at least once every few years. After all, wiring can become damaged and worn over time, which can lead to electrical hazards or eventually cause a fire. However, by simply having an inspection done from time to time, you can keep you and your family safe and enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your home has a sound electrical system.

How We Can Help

We have plenty of experience when it comes to working with electrical systems, and we offer great deals on detailed inspections. We will be sure to check your home's electrical system to ensure that it is in safe, working order. If we find any issues, we will alert you to them right away and perform the necessary electrical repair on the spot. Furthermore, we perform quality repairs so you can ensure they will last. If you’re looking to have an inspection or repair done on the electrical system at your home, be sure to keep us in mind at Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®. You can schedule an appointment today by giving us a call at (706) 914-1617