When it comes to electrical installation for recessed lighting, (706) 914-1617 is your go-to source for prompt, professional service. With the assistance of our licensed and certified technicians, you can install recessed lighting in your living room and turn an ordinary space into something extraordinary. Recessed lighting fixtures allow you to direct light precisely where you want, with just the right degree of illumination, expanding possibilities for function and style. As the name indicates, recessed lighting fixtures are encased in a can that’s fitted into a hole cut into a ceiling. Because the face of recessed lighting fixture lies flush with the ceiling, recessed lighting doesn’t take up any visual space in a room. For many people, that aspect is the best of the many benefits of recessed lighting. With no visible fixtures to block the view, you can enjoy a chic, uncluttered look in your living room.

Recommended Spacing for Recessed Lighting

Recessed can lighting allows you to create a distinctive mood and atmosphere within your Augusta home as well. The fixtures can be used for direct, indirect or ambient lighting in your living room. Direct a single lamp to highlight a focal point in the room, such as a treasured piece of art or sculpture, a fireplace or a specimen plant. Use the fixtures to bounce light off washes for striking lighting effects. Space them throughout your living room to create subtle, even, ambient light. (706) 914-1617 is pleased to offer electrical installation service in Augusta to facilitate your recessed lighting installation. As a third-generation business, we understand that our continued success depends upon maintaining our well-deserved reputation for quality. You can always expect prompt, professional and expert service from (706) 914-1617. For more information on how we can help transform your living room with recessed lighting, contact us today at (706) 914-1617!