Is Your Home’s Electrical Wiring Safe?

As a homeowner in Augusta, GA, you might be wondering whether that old wiring in your home is safe. Old wiring can wear out due to age or it may be poorly insulated or insufficient to handle the demand of the heavy duty appliances and electronic systems used on a regular basis. Our Augusta electricians at Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® explain how to determine whether your home's wiring is safe and what you should to schedule an electrical safety inspection.

Check the Wiring

If you are able to access any of the wiring in your home, take a look at its appearance. If it looks old but is not falling apart, it may be safe. Also inspect the splices and the tape that holds them together. If the tape is frayed, this requires a professional repair.

Check the Circuit Breaker Box

If certain circuits frequently trip, this is an indication that the electrical service in your home needs to be upgraded. In homes that still use vacuum-style fuses or knobs, these old types of equipment should be updated as soon as possible.

Code Requirements

An electrical inspection can determine whether your electrical system is up to code. If it is not, you will need to have a licensed electrician come and upgrade the system. A system that is not up to code leads to an increased risk of fire, electrical shock, and even burns. Electronic equipment may also be damaged as a result of wiring that is not up to code.


A grounded outlet is safer than a non-grounded one. An electrician can install safer GFCI outlets in places like your kitchen or bathroom with water nearby. Make sure all outlets are three pronged. At Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® we offer electrical safety inspections so that you can rest assured knowing that the safety of your family is not compromised. We take your safety and security seriously, which is why we are available 24/7/365 for emergency electrical repair. To schedule your electrical service, call us today at (706) 914-1617.