How Home Generators Protect Your Home and Family

Have you considered getting a home generator to protect your family? When the weather turns violent due to a nearby hurricane-related storm or a tornado in the area, it can down power lines. In order to keep your air conditioning running during a power blackout or brownout, Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® has solutions for you. In addition to being an authority on HVAC, we understand how electrical systems operate. Once a homeowner understands how a residential generator can help them, making the decision about purchasing one becomes much easier.

What is a generator?

When the electricity goes out, an Augusta electrician is often working with municipalities to get the city’s power turned back on. However, have you noticed that the local hospitals do not lose power? This is due to powerful backup generators that hospitals utilized to ensure that they never lose electricity. This means that they can become independent of the local power grid any time it is necessary. Most of the time, these generators are operating off of large batteries, solar power or another type of fuel such as propane. For homeowners, if electricity goes out, a generator can automatically start working to efficiently power your home.

How does a residential generator operate?

When you go camping or do construction jobs, it is common to use a solar or gas-powered generator. For homeowners, this is a much more sophisticated model. Obviously, in order to generate power for a large home, a larger generator will be used. While this is hardly the same as ones used by hospitals, there are still many similar features between industrial and residential generators. In particular, both of those models have the ability to detect that power has been lost, and will turn on automatically.

Why a generator for an air conditioner protects your family

When the power goes out in Augusta, most people can endure the hot weather for several days. Regardless, there are always health reports about individuals that cannot tolerate the heat. This includes the elderly, children, and people who have certain types of disabilities or medical conditions. As electrical contractors, we are familiar with people calling during power outage emergency because their family member has grown ill from lack of air conditioning. In order to prevent tragedies like these, call electrical contractors to help you install a generator. Once the electrical installation is in place, you do not need to worry about enduring the heat again. Whether it is a concern about electrical problems, home generators or central air units, we are happy to answer all of your questions at Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® at (706) 914-1617.