As with all things that have costs involved, giving a definitive answer in actual cold, hard dollars would be unwise and nearly impossible without opening ourselves up to problems; too many people saying ‘you said that it would cost $xx’. What we can do though is give you some good pointers about what to look for, rough costs and the things you should think about when considering having a system installed.

Average cost

Research shows that a very average cost for split HVAC system installation is between $1600 - $2300, this of course varies hugely with location and system specifications, but it is a good indication of what to expect. There are a few official websites that can give you a more detailed breakdown of costs in your area; a quick search reveals a good number.


Getting a professional to supply and install the system is always the best choice, not just because it will be a better job, or that you’ll have warranties but they will also be able to give you solid, unbiased advice as to what system is best for you and your home needs. Why would you not want to take free advice from someone that makes their living by supplying and fitting such systems?

Different quotes for different folks

You should always get the opinion and possibly a quote from at least three different suppliers, that will give more information to make an educated decision as to what may be best and hopefully, who is offering the best service.

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