Trust One Hour with AC Repair

Choosing a new technician to handle your AC repair needs can be a daunting task. At Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®, we strive to be known for our integrity. We don’t need to up sell or repair units that aren’t broken. Our great customer service, top quality repairs, and low prices are all we need to build our business.

High velocity cooling fan

Undercover Report

Not all businesses share our work philosophy. NBC Miami news recently did an undercover investigation on a local HVAC business after reports were made indicating that the business was selling unknowing customers unnecessary units and services. The news team invited a trusted HVAC expert to examine a home’s unit and confirmed that it was sound and in no need of repair. Then they invited a technician from the business in question to examine the unit and had individuals with hidden cameras around a home to record the technician’s findings. Not only did the technician indicate the unit needed hundreds of dollars in repairs, he also said that the family would benefit from various products and services that they never indicated they needed.

We Make Service With Integrity a Priority

For those with little knowledge of AC repair, spotting a dishonest technician may be out of the question. When you contact Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® however, that isn’t a problem. We are dedicated to our clients and will freely answer any and all questions you might have regarding necessary maintenance or repairs. We understand that having a functioning HVAC unit in your home is vital to your health and safety, so we work hard to perform necessary repairs in a timely fashion, which ultimately saves you money and keeps you happy. Finding an Augusta, GA HVAC repair specialist you can trust doesn’t have to be a chore. Contact Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® at (706) 914-1617 for your AC repair needs, and you can be sure we will only indicate what is best for you and your unit; nothing more and nothing less.