How Do Residential Air Purification Systems Work?

Indoor air quality is a major factor in overall health. Some equipment traps unhealthy air and recirculates it, causing fatigue and aggravating asthma and allergy issues. Stand-alone filtering units are designed for small areas and are not as effective as whole-house central air purification systems. At Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®, we have solutions to improve your environment and positively impact your overall wellbeing. Here is how a residential purification method works:

Powerful Filtration

The first defense against pollutants is the furnace filter. Air is drawn from your house through the filter, channeled into the heating or cooling unit, and then returned via the ducts and vents. You may change your filter often as recommended; however, it is the structure and filament that determine effectiveness and not merely the frequency of replacement. Dust particles, mold spores, animal dander and pollens must be removed from the atmosphere without clogging the filter and straining your HVAC system. Our brand is proven effective against allergens and does not impede circulation or support mold growth.

UV Germicidal Protection

In addition to removing particles, house air purification systems must address the issues of airborne germs and toxic gasses. These can be processed by installing a UV lamp in the ducts. The UV light extends into the ventilation tubing, neutralizing infectious particles and odors as they pass through. The unit is completely silent as it delivers disinfected air through the vents into your home.

Bypass Filter

For an added layer of protection, a bypass attachment can be installed. It can be duct or collar mounted and the filters are easily accessible for replacement as needed. These units are fan-powered, drawing the air in and through to provide hospital-quality purification.

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