If you have AC at your business, which if you're in Georgia then you mostly likely do, you should know how to keep your employees comfortable with a unit that works consistently. The last thing you want is miserable staff because your unit wasn't maintained properly.

To Handle Your Commercial AC Unit...

The most important thing you need to know is if the existing unit you have is the right size for your property. Let's face it, many locations have too small units for their capacity. An HVAC tech can assess and let you know which unit is best to go with. Next, make sure that the unit has consistent tune ups and maintenance visits. Technicians can perform routine checks on your HVAC system, which can prevent future out-of-control emergency costs. Finally, use the new technologies that are out there. Did you know that there are several developments and products that are made solely for commercial electrical use? Ask your specialist how you can be more efficient at your business, because the technology exists to do this.

Who is Best For Your AC Maintenance?

Look no further than the qualified team at Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®. Our team knows the new technologies on the market, knows the ins and outs of routine maintenance, and can see issues in your location that may tell you that you need a bigger or even smaller AC unit. Don't wait any longer, as these issues can lead to money down the drain.