Let's say your HVAC system has suddenly gone out... You're not sure why, but the temperature inside your home has changed dramatically. This may constitute a problem that you're not sure how to fix. So, what should you do?

Call the Experts

If you're experience a sudden change in temperature, you may have a broken system altogether. First, check your ventilation and air filters. Is there air coming out of the vents? Are the filters dirty and need replacing? These are some of the primary reasons HVAC systems go out. Next, you may need to evacuate your home for the next few minutes or so - in case there are harmful emissions that are leaking into your air. While doing these checks and exiting your home, you need to call an HVAC team. They should be able to tell you immediately if it's safe to go back inside your home and what kind of timeline you may be dealing with in regards to having the system fixed. They may be able even to tell you a temporary solution over the phone. Either way, they are the trained professionals and know how to diagnose the cause of your emergency.

An HVAC Emergency Doesn't Have to Ruin Your Day

When you're having an HVAC emergency in your home, there's no need to panic. Keep calm and call Duggan. Our Augusta area team is ready to assess whatever you face with expertise and quality service. Call us now at (706) 914-1617.