It’s easy to neglect your HVAC unit until you’re faced with a problem. Most of us take staying cool or warm when we want to be for granted. However, this simply won’t be the case if there are HVAC repairs you may be ignoring and putting on hold until a later date. Knowing some of the most common things that need addressing in your HVAC unit can help you get these fixed.

Clogged Outdoor Coil

This is a device critical to the functioning of your unit. This item is used to draw the outdoor air across the coil to get the necessary amount of refrigerant that is required to heat or cool your home. Since this item sets on the exterior of your property it can become clogged, and it must be cleaned periodically for optimal performance.

Faulty Compressor

One of the most important parts of your HVAC unit is the compressor. This item performs similarly to that of an engine in a car. It keeps the entire unit going and also acts as a pump that is used to circulate refrigerant for the air conditioning system. There are many reasons this part may become faulty, and some of these include motor bearings that wear out or become strained because the compressor starts to fail, such as a bad fan. Since this part is outside it’s not uncommon for an electrical storm to cause damage to this part.

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