When it comes to keeping your home the right temperature during all times of the year, you are sure to rely on your heating and cooling system a great deal. You may need to know how to switch your furnace from the winter setting to the summer one as necessary. This is an easy process, but it’s important to know precisely what to do ahead of time.

Look at your Thermostat

The first thing you will want to do is to determine what type of thermostat that you have. This will dictate how you will need to change the setting. If your model may have a button that you will need to press to get it from cool to heat. You may need to press this a few times to ensure you get to the right place. This type of thermostat is one of the most modern types that may be used in homes that have been recently constructed or within the last decade.

Change the Setting

If you have a more dated thermostat in your home, all that you may need to do is switch the furnace from heat to cool. This is one of the easiest types to set and will allow you to do so with ease. Be sure to stand over the air ducts in your home to see if the air is coming from the vents is the right temperature to suit your needs or cool in the summer.

Let us Help!

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