Benefits of Split Air Conditioning Systems

When you are looking for ways to cool a specific separate space, you may start to look at options like split air conditioning systems. As you expect, a split air conditioning system is split into different areas. The compressor for the system is located outside and the other part is inside. These systems are ductless systems that are great for areas that don’t have the right structure or space to install a duct system. There are many benefits to having a split air conditioning system!

air conditioning unit on the wall

Quick and Simple Installation

When you are looking to install an air conditioning system but don’t have a lot of room or time, a split air conditioning systems are a great option. Since there is no ductwork, installation and set up is easy. The compressor can be 100 feet from the inside unit and only requires a small hole to connect the two systems.

Easy to Maintain

Split air conditioning systems are notoriously easy to maintain. In order to clean the unit, you just take out the filter, rinse it, and replace it. Most HVAC professionals can repair split air conditioning systems very easily.

Very Affordable

Split air conditioning systems are very easy to maintain and work great in situations where small rooms need to be cooled just for short periods of time. Compared to larger duct systems, running a split air conditioning system is less inexpensive and more energy efficient.

Sleek Design

Split air conditioning systems are very slick, small, and can be hidden above doorways if need be. This is way less bulky of a design when compared to portable systems that are on the market. If you are thinking that a split air conditioning system is the right choice for your home, contact the experts at Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®. Call (706) 914-1617 to schedule an appointment today!